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Since the time mankind has took birth, numerous signs of its continuous evolution and development have been witnessed in the form of paintings and other art forms in different parts of the world. If we go back to the long past, rock paintings are perhaps the oldest art form ever known, which has built the foundation of painting and drawing as branch of study. In subsequent ages, painting and drawing have taken their course of evolution; and now there are many innovations and techniques developed. At every age, we have found few saviors who have not only kept the spirit of art alive, but also have moved ahead to nurture and groom it. Delhi Collage of Art, in this attempt, has come up as a ray of hope for the endless admirers of art, who are in search of a genuine painting institute in Delhi.

Known to be one among the best fine art institute in Delhi & NCR, Delhi Collage of Art (DCA) has been gracefully dedicating its service to train all those who naturally have a hunger and flair for art. Be it drawing, sketching, modern art, fine art, or applied art; one can definitely get a course as per his or her choice. Knowledge and talent have no limit; however, in today’s world of consumerism and commercialization, many bright and authentic students are not getting a fare chance to demonstrate their skills. Their endeavor to get admitted in a top fine art college in Delhi is at times, getting obstructed by the complexities of various college and university rules.

If you think to have that rare and uncommon gift of God to boil down your thoughts and imagination into a unique creative piece of painting, then DCA is your place to be. There are practically no barriers for you, such as age, high educational or professional qualification/degree to get into this painting institute in Delhi. Moreover, you will enjoy learning in the vicinity of some of the most renowned and distinguished personalities of the country. Here you get all the scopes to showcase your talent and innate qualities as a painter. Along with preparing the most traditional forms of art and painting, DCA, the best fine art institute in Delhi & NCR is also imparting quality and affordable training on various modern and career oriented courses, such as digital animation and photography.