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Have you always been fascinated towards drawing, painting, and sketching and wish to pursue it as a full time career option?

In fact, as a painter you have myriad of opportunities to build your career. Students completing their degree of diploma in drawing in Delhi from the drawing institutes in Delhi are coming out with knowledge and skill that give them an assurance for their lifetime.

Let us have a peek in to the various career options available for students doing diploma in drawing or painting from good drawing classes in Delhi.

Teaching art in various schools, colleges, institutes, and universities has always been the first and favorite career option. Good artists with a degree certificate, such as BFA or MFA are in great demand. The territory of teaching in not limited only to school and colleges at local or national level, rather there are openings available in foreign universities as well. One cal also set up his or her painting and drawing classes in Delhi.

Graphic Designer or Commercial Artist (Corporate Jobs):
Corporate houses are ever in demand of good drawing and painting experts. With the modern day marketing and promotion of goods and services becoming online, the demand for graphic designers or web artists has risen like never before. In the same string, other fields, such as computer games and animation also take brilliant students with diploma in drawing from Delhi institutes. TV and Films medium are other potential recruiters.

Tattoo Artist:
Tattoo is a century old art from which has recently drawn huge attention. People are crazy about having tattoos on their bodies. A good artists with consistency and sharpness in is work is usually considered a good tattoo artist. Many students after finishing their drawing classes in Delhi take up tattoo making as a full time career option.

Art Conservator:
Almost all Art galleries & museums in the world recruit students with diploma in drawing and having good technical knowledge of conservation of paintings and drawings. In India also, art galleries and museums regularly recruit students from different drawing institutes in Delhi.

Textile & Clothing Designer
Many textile manufacturers and clothing companies regularly take students with degree of diploma in drawing and painting from drawing classes in Delhi. This is one of the best paying jobs in the industry and brilliant students always have fair chance to excel in this field.

Forensic Services:
Forensic services also recruit students, expert in drawing and sketching. This special wing of the crime investigation agencies and bureaus recruit drawing experts for developing rough sketches of suspects, culprits, and in some cases victims.

Students thinking of doing degree or diploma in drawing from a good drawing institute in Delhi have great career opportunities.