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Creativity has no limit. It has no definition, neither has it any defined period for its manifestation. It is something that is spontaneous; can come at any time, to anybody. Those who are endowed with this wonderful gift of God are truly messengers of God. History has witnessed; people on this earth possess complete perfection more than one form of creativity.

Ellsworth Kelly is one such name in the world of modern day painting, sculpture, and printmaking. There are many more names. In the Indian context, one can also witness many such great names; and certainly, they have become inspiration for numerous bright and ambitious youths of the nation. This has again led to the establishment of many good painting and photography colleges in Delhi, the political and cultural capital of India.

Keeping in view the desire of a student to pursue multi-disciplinary courses, many good and reputed colleges offer some of the most comprehensive and well-planned painting and photography courses in Delhi. Students from across the country and even from the neighboring countries also come to study at these painting and photography colleges in Delhi. These colleges also conduct regular photography and painting exhibitions in Delhi, where the students get the best chance to display their talent to the rest of the world.

Many renowned painters and photographers on the country and even some parts of the globe also attend in these photography and painting exhibitions in Delhi. Students get the chance to interact with them and learn about various intricacies of the trade.

Talking about the practical career-oriented scenario, the modern-day digital animation and multimedia industry is in the search of some of the best brains who possess dual knowledge of both painting and photography. Students taking dual-specialization courses in painting and photography colleges in Delhi always have an added advantage over others in the job market.

Many young and talented students from all over the country, aspiring to satisfy their keen interest, come to these painting and photography colleges in Delhi. However, a point of consideration for these students; choose a good painting or photography course that encompasses all the nuances of the subject matter and also, check the overall scope of development and learning opportunities, participatory approach, and faculty strength of the institute. You can certainly find some good painting and photography courses in Delhi, where you can see yourself grow up to that level where your ideals are now.