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Famous painter Pablo Picasso had once said, “Everything you can imagine is real.”

What the famous Spanish painter, who is also known for his mastery in the fields of Drawing, Sculpture, Printmaking, and Ceramics, has said is just an honest reflection of the way a painter should be able to think.

Seemingly, a painter lives in an imaginative world, which is very real, very true, if not at the moment; can be in the near future. There are numerous lessons taught at various art colleges in Delhi and rest of the world on the life and livings of great painters and philosophers like Picasso. However, it is important in the painter’s part to realize the essence of his sayings. This is why many times; it is advocated to include strong theoretical courses in the various Delhi colleges of art on the lives and livings of such great painters, thinkers, and philosophers.

Another argument equally comes into play. Is it only possible through inclusion of theories in art colleges of Delhi so that painters and artists can inculcate this philosophy? Essentially, not, perhaps an artist is born with a special quality to be imaginative, to be a thinker, and a natural philosopher. However, educating them further on these life-examples in Delhi art colleges can definitely excite their thinking cells to a new height of imagination and creative.

In fact, many progressive art colleges in Delhi have moved even ahead of this thought by organizing national and international seminars solely dedicated to the life, philosophy, and teachings of these great lives. There are extensive lectures given to the students and upcoming artists and painting exhibitions conducted in these seminars. Definitely, these seminars and exhibitions conducted at the Delhi colleges of art are great inspiration for artists, painters at all level.

Coming back to the quote of Picasso, if you deeply analyze, you can find that it reflects that an artist’s imagination has to be real, and realistic imagination is what an artist’s world is. At the beginners’ level, it is very much required for the students to be trained in this art of realistic imagination. Art colleges in Delhi must certainly include more and more of such theoretical classes followed by conducting seminars, workshops, and exhibitions. This will help the budding artists paint their imagination into reality and who knows; eventually we can see another Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, or M F Husain.