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Every piece of art symbolizes something. From the very ancient age, you can find use of symbols in different paintings, sculptures, and other art forms. Symbols in any painting are the reflection of the state and status of the society at that time, which passes on to the next generations. While we all easy refer to these ancient paintings several times, the various reputed institutes and academia must also give enough emphasis in their day-to-day practices of teaching and training. With this viewpoint, many good painting colleges in Delhi have now integrated classes on ancient Indian art and philosophy.

Recognized fine art institutes in Delhi usually enlist theory classes under a broader concept- ‘Aesthetic’, which is solely to update the students about the significance, importance, and relevance of our past in our present and future. The biography of great Indian philosophers, such as ‘Bharatmuni’, ‘Coomaraswami’, ‘Shemendra’, and many more are exhaustively covered. Their contribution towards Indian art and society through their paintings are helpful ingredients for numerous art students. A good number of fine art institutes in Delhi also conduct painting exhibitions dedicated to the great legends of Indian art.

It is merely not the duty of painting classes in Delhi only to train the students how to paint but also to uphold the essence deep rooted in Indian history and culture among the students. Artists bear vital responsibility to portray the image of the society through their paintings. Their symbolic creations are going to be of great reference for our future generations to come. With this aim in mind, Delhi Collage of Art (DCA), one of the premier fine art institutes in Delhi gives enough emphasis on educating its students on ‘Aesthetics’.

The institute believes that regard for our ancient heritage of art and the artists is the foundation of becoming a great painter. DCA is among those few art classes in Delhi to introduce it in their syllabus. The institute’s motto is not just to produce artists who are equipped with techniques and skills only, but also to produce artists who are complete with true knowledge.

DCA is truly a perfect fine art institute in Delhi where an art enthusiast can get every opportunity to evolve as a complete artist. The institute is committed towards producing artists, who are complete in all respect.

Next time you think of going in for advances courses in painting or fine institutes, think of Delhi. The place is complete, perfect, and appropriate.