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Hobbies are the best friends of a person. Some people take up some sport, paint, sing, play any musical instrument, such as Tabla, Guitar, Violin, and Drums etc. Some people also take up photography as their hobby. Since last few years, we have witnessed a trend of hobby classes in Delhi, especially for photography. The trend has become so famous that some best art classes are now offering photography courses in Delhi.

Photography as a hobby, at times inspires individual to that extent that it ultimately becomes their passion and they achieve great heights pursuing their career in photography. Keeping this craze in consideration, some best art classes in Delhi offer a range of photography courses in Delhi.

Photography is the art of creating and capturing images by using camera. It is used for capturing unique moments to enlighten stories, safeguard the good memories and is used by the police for surveillance. Today photography is an important skill for many artists and individuals to expand their expressions to the audience. It is appropriate for kids, teenagers as well as adults.

Photography courses in Delhi provide training in still, digital, fashion, wildlife photography. Anybody who practices photography as a hobby does not necessarily have the knowledge of taking the perfect pictures, so it should be learnt through stages and enrolling in some best art classes is the best way to master the art.

  • Fundamentals

  • Advanced

This is short-term photography course in Delhi is meant for the beginners to improve their self-confidence. With the idea of practicing photography as a hobby, you have to gain knowledge of some techniques and skills related with it. The training usually includes basic knowledge about the theory, the camera, how to handle it, about lighting, the pictures and most importantly, the viewpoint of the photographer while taking pictures. It normally takes about eight to ten classes to know the fundamentals. Without knowing the fundamentals, one cannot progress to the next level.

Advanced Level
This is meant for them who want to move forward in photography and take their talent to the exhibitions or take it up as their full time career option. It usually takes a longer duration to complete the advanced level. The syllabus includes advanced techniques of photography, knowledge about the kind of lenses and their functions, types of camera, understanding the difference between natural light and artificial light, a general idea about studio and uses of the different kinds of tools. In advanced photography courses, peoples are trained in several areas of photography.

After knowing fundamental and advanced levels of photography, if a photographer develops a need to know more, he should go for specializations, such as fine art photography, business and marketing photography, nature and wildlife photography, and fashion photography etc. These fields are associated with the artistic image of a photographer that expresses the thoughts of the artists and reach out to the masses.

If you strongly believe that, the time has come to give wings to your hobby class and learn more, enroll for a photography course in Delhi.