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Art is reflection of the society.

Since time immemorial, people have captured the various moments of glory and pride in different art forms prevalent in our society. Indian society is amongst the most ancient civilizations of the world, and one can well witness the transitions and evolution of India society in paintings, drawings, and all other pieces of art. Ranging from common person to some of the most known names in the history of Indian fine art, all have made great attempt to portray all good and evils of the society. Somehow, with the formal establishment of institutes of fine art, these art works always bear a constant motto to deliver a message to the society to build a better society and contribute to effective and efficient community development.

A college of art or an institute of fine art should have a sense of social responsibility and they truly serve to a certain extent. When someone spends some time with a painting, few natural questions arise -

“Who has made this, and why?”

“What is the artist trying to say?”, and more importantly,

“How does this piece of work make me feel?”

Students initially may join an institute of fine art or search for a reputed college of art to satisfy his urge to learn the various minutes of art, but gradually and naturally, his work starts addressing to the above queries. This seems obvious and clearly apparent, and at times one may find nothing new in this. However, the question here is; “is every piece of art able to speak to the society?” “Does every painter cater to some fraction in community development?”

In this earnest attempt, Delhi Collage of Art, one of the whistle blowers among modern colleges of art in Delhi, has been steadily excelling towards show casing the traditional values of Indian society and the evolutionary journey of community development through Art in India. Encouraging numerous individuals from all the nooks and corners of the country, DCA (Delhi Collage of Art) is offering an open platform for everyone to live up to their dreams.

As an institute of fine art, students of this art academy are trained not only to master the techniques of the trade, but they also naturally inculcate in themselves the proficiency how their effort works for better community development.

Here at DCA, social address and community development through teaching fine art are above the syllabus and curriculum. Undoubtedly, the best, this Delhi College of art is a bit different place for all likeminded art enthusiasts.