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School syllabuses across the country now a day have taken drawing as a main constituent. The first lesson a child takes in drawing starts from its kindergarten level, and for few of them it end up taking admission in college of fine arts and painting. We call them as art enthusiasts who dedicate their lives to art. However, for very few, though the love for drawing, painting, sketching, and other form of art remain at the same level, but due to certain circumstances they cannot pursue their interest further.

Considering the constraints, the above-deprived people have, few good colleges of fine arts in Delhi offer target and short term drawing courses. These part time drawing courses in Delhi colleges of fine arts are run mostly in the weekends, so that more and more number of people can join them.

Usually run for a period of one or one and half years, these courses include every nuance of drawing and painting. These short term drawing courses in Delhi have become so popular and helpful that some corporate even have included them as part of their activities out of business-as-usual. They view it as an investment on their employees that will make them more relaxed, stress-free, and competent.

Not only working individuals, these part time drawing courses in Delhi are also becoming increasingly popular among homemakers. For a homemaker, now a day it has become important to contribute in her children’s study and usually drawing is one field that most of the homemakers are challenged with. Doing a short term drawing course not only helps them prudently pass their spare time but also gives them chance to learn a new skill using which they can assist their children.

Another category of people who are largely enrolling for short term drawing course in Delhi are the students. In modern day of cutthroat competition, only doing well is not enough. One has to excel in every field. Usually some students find it difficult to demonstrate their skills in drawing. The drawing lessons learned at colleges of fine arts in Delhi are helpful for the students. They not only perform well in the class, but also get the chance to chose drawing and painting as a career option for the future.

Delhi Collage of Art in this regard is a pioneer name. The institute is a reputed college of fine arts in Delhi and offers unmatched short term and part time drawing courses in Delhi.