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Leonardo da Vinci, in the early sixteenth century created a masterpiece, Mona Lisa. For last five centuries, this painting has become the subject of discussion in the art fraternity and among all those who love art. Creating another similar masterpiece has always been a desire for any art enthusiast.

Do you know that Mona Lisa is a precious example of an oil painting?

Yes, an oil painting that is developed by using some pigments and linseed oil. However, this form of painting has a very Indian connection. Some good oil painting classes in Delhi have done extensive research on the history of oil painting.

The history dates back to sometime between fifth to the ninth centuries. Indian and some Chinese painters in western Afghanistan used oil paints for some Buddhist painting. In its starting phase, oil painting remained dormant. Later in the 15th century, oil painting became famous among the Europeans, especially the Romans and Italians.

Now there are several institutes, schools, and colleges teaching oil painting classes in Delhi. Modern day artists and painters are also no less miraculous in using depicting the true essence of oil painting. The oil painting courses in Delhi are trying to impart everything about the art and aesthetics of oil painting. Along with learning the raw, basis style of oil painting that uses natural pigments and linseed oil, students are also learning the various modern styles of oil painting in these painting courses in Delhi.

Recently, the use of water miscible oil paints is in use. The use of water-soluble oil paints has to some extent, replaced the traditional oil. Students are trained extensively on this modern style in the oil painting classes in Delhi. The prime advantage of water-miscible oil painting is that it has a very fast drying-time. While traditional oil paints take 1 to 3 weeks, these paintings dry up in 1 to 3 days.

There are numerous drawing and painting courses in Delhi teaching oil painting. Students learning in these oil painting classes in Delhi come with endless dreams in their eyes. It becomes vital to gain the most appropriate and authentic knowledge from a trusted and established painting class in Delhi.

Delhi Collage of Art (DCA) is one of the reputed names to offer the best oil painting classes in Delhi. DCA offers complete courses on oil painting ranging from preliminary 1 year to 4-year advanced level courses. The faculty and staff are well experienced and posses extensive knowledge in the field of oil painting.