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With drawing, sketching, and painting becoming popular as choices of career for numerous young individuals in the country, it has indispensably become important that our colleges of art also become prompt and holistic in all aspects. Art education today has become very specific and targeted with introduction of computer graphics, multimedia, and animation. Delhi, being the cultural capital of the country, you can find a good number of art and painting schools in Delhi. However, one must take in to account the following consideration while choosing the best art course in Delhi.

Teaching Staff:
Having good teaching staff should always be the first and foremost determinant while opting for a collage of art. It always pays to be in the vicinity of adept and knowledge-rich faculties. They not only give you the best knowledge and training, but also inspire you in many ways. Their work and recognition act as fuel.

Holistic Syllabus:
Most art and painting schools in Delhi follow almost similar course syllabus, which include theory as well as practical-based teaching. However, with the inclusion of digital art, multimedia, and animation, it has now become important to go with an art course in Delhi that includes them in the syllabus. Such courses are necessary, as they fetch you with good career opportunities and the same time they offer an alternative platform to present traditional art in a better manner.

Infrastructural Facilities:
While taking about modern digital/computer art, it becomes imperative that the collage of art should have necessary infrastructural facilities. This not only includes a good-looking building, but also high-speed fast processing computer systems, best-resolution monitor (screen), hi-tech projectors, efficient printing solutions, all necessary software tools and most importantly trained tutors. This should be one of your high priority options to check out for in art and painting schools in Delhi.

Workshops and Seminars:
Conducting regular workshops and seminars at local, regional, national, and international level, encourages the students in many ways. They not only get inspiration watching eminent artists’ work, but also get the best platform to showcase their talent. Any comment, complement, or suggestion on their work gives them chance to come up with better and more finished outcome.

Industry Interface:
It is always a plus point, if the collage of art you are opting for has strong industry-academia collaboration. Ultimately, your learning from the art courses in Delhi must give in return the best career opportunity in the industry. A strong industry connection also results in placement in reputed art institutes, multimedia/digital animation companies, studios, and user-experience design companies etc.

It is one of your most vital decisions of life. Always consider the above-mentioned aspects whenever looking for art and painting schools in Delhi.