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Delhi is the best location for someone who is aspiring to make his career in art and painting. There are a number of good and some of world’s best art institutes in Delhi. Though, every Delhi art college prepare its own course syllabus, however, there are certain course syllabus common in every college, which is recognized by the standard approving body.

There are various courses offered in the art institutes in Delhi. Delhi art colleges and other famous art institutes in Delhi provide training to the unrecognized artists to improve their skills to perfection, that too in a very small amount of time. In order to achieve the highest level of excellence, courses must be learnt through different stages. Usually there are the following two levels of courses available for students.

  • Short-Term Beginners Courses

  • Long-Tem Professional Courses

To enhance the talent of the beginners, there are various short-term courses provided at different Delhi art colleges. It normally takes about six months to one year. These courses include basic knowledge about sketching, drawing, painting, figure study, canvassing, color mixing, etc. This term includes both theory and practical classes. Theory classes are comprised of history of art like Indian art, Persian art, Western art etc and about Indian and Western philosophers.

Practical classes are very much crucial to solidify the theoretical knowledge. Practical classes include use of different techniques such as oil colors, water colors, mirror painting, fabrics, pencil shading, use of brushes, anatomy study etc. Few very good art institutes in Delhi give more emphasis on practical classes and send the student out of the classrooms to study the nature, society, market places, and every possible place, where one can capture a thought provoking

Some Delhi college of art provides long-term professional courses for them who want to make art as their profession. The duration of this course period is about one and half years to four years. This includes diploma, professional degree course of fine art, Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), and Master of Fine Arts (MFA). It is meant for detail study about fine art, paintings, sculpture, ceramics, and applied arts.

If you have been looking for some good art institutes in Delhi to fulfill your desire to study art and painting, first make sure which course you want to take. Check for the faculty standard and scope of good practical exposure and then continue your endeavor.