Improving Art Education: How Important is the Role of the Art Educators

In our ancient saying, it has been genuinely quoted, “That is education, which frees you up”. In the context of modern-day education and learning, it is very appropriately applicable. Education must help the individuals freely express their thoughts. When it comes to learning art, the philosophy becomes more relevant, because art directly connects souls. The role of art teachers here demands a lot! Let us see how the roles of art educators, especially in colleges of art in New Delhi, can improve art education and help connect the artists with the society and the world better.

Art educators in many institutes of fine arts in Delhi stick to the three basic principles of art; the skill of ‘Creating’, ‘Performing’, and ‘Responding’. These skills are truly the important determinants of the artists, which the art tutors focus to develop in the students from the very beginning of their courses. One pioneer college of art in Delhi, Delhi Collage of Art (DCA) gives maximum emphasis on developing these three skill sets in the students and ensures that its staffs have the aptitude to inculcate them in the students.

The base curriculum at Delhi Collage of Art is based on the standards in the art framework, on which the teachers also instruct and assess the students. They carefully document and lucidly disseminate successful art works that have created benchmark in the art world. This actually inspires the students here to create masterpieces that reflect their thoughts and ideas and connect with the world. It is majorly because of the dedicated art educators at DCA for which students know it among the best institutes of fine arts in Delhi.

Another trait that an art educator must possess is to collaborate with tutors, educators, and artists in other cultural institutions and society so that it will create a platform to share knowledge and experience mutually. A beginner gains majorly from such a collaboration. DCA in this regard holds good name among all colleges of art in Delhi. This healthy practice of its educators transfers down to their students and students here are encouraged to participate, collaborate, and share.