Painter & Sculpturist Artists

(Extreme Thematic Design Company)
Experience: 4-8 candid Posted on: 29 Jun
  • Job Description
    Skills in painting using differernt mediums and tools such as spray gun, brushes, etc. Sculpurists would require knowledge of different type of mold making, crafting , and asemembeling displays and artifacts. E-xtreme is searhing for movativated young desingers in this feild to work in the exciting up-coming industry. Training seminar will be provided if needed.
  • Skill Require
    The profile should illustrate work done and the experienced gained in this field. A protifolio of their work will be required. Along with pictures or displays, a short description of their knowelge in different sofware and or tools, paints, allusions, different mediums used in the past, etc.
  • Company Profile

    Extreme Thematic Design Company

    Extreme Thematic Design Company is a start- up company in Greater Noida. E-xtreme, our brand specializes in a variety of 3-D artifacts, such as 3-D billboards, 20 ft structures. ETC also fouces on creating theme based (ex: restrauants, theme parks, hotels, etc), through 3D displays and a focused turnkey theme in mind, ETDC can also design and engineer entire environments.

  • Contact Details

    Executive Name:Nitin Bothra

    Company:Extreme Thematic Design Company