Concept/storyboard Artist

(Transpixel Studio)
Experience: 0-3 Posted on: 13 Sep
  • Job Description
    1. Do a thorough R&D about the company and their services before starting off with the project.
    2. Understand what clients' requirements are and what they're exactly looking for.
    3. Take inspirations and references to develop an original style and look and feel for the video.
    4. Make thumbnails, build a concept, come up with creative solutions.
    5. Make storyboard once the concept is ready with detailed line drawings.
    6. Ability to communicate through the designs and drawings with a strong concept.
  • Skill Require
    1. Good communication skills
    2. Descriptive
    3. Good writing skills
    4. Powerful yet realistic and rational visualization
    5. Ambiguity
    6. Good Sketching
  • Company Profile

    Transpixel Studio

    Simply put, Transpixel Studio is a Design Driven Studio. Our videos tell a story about your business through quality graphics, engaging storyboard and captivating animation. We have created 1000s of explainer videos for small, medium and large businesses that include names like Samsung, HP, LinkedIn, Dabur, Zomato and many more.

  • Contact Details

    Executive Name:Nishita

    Company:Transpixel Studio