About Us


The domain of art is ever fascinating. People come to this field with the aspiration of attaining money, fame and self-satisfaction. This can be made possible only through excellent knowledge of art. Because it is only through knowledge that the genius have been able to prove themselves. This especially applies to areas that are performance related, like music, dance sports or painting. Excellent performance in such fields is not dependent on degrees, but on right knowledge and right knowledge can come only through a good teacher or a guru. This has been the rule of the world since eternity.


However, in this age of commercialization, education has become a status symbol. In such a scenario, ninety percent of the students today fail to choose the discipline of their choice, succumbing under societal pressure. A society that considers a degree as a prerequisite for a job or marriage will certainly fail to explain the presence of numerous unemployed, unmarried graduates! It merely shows the futility of joining the blind race of collecting degrees.

However, we are all social beings and hence cannot completely defy the norms of the society. Therefore, I firmly believe that though knowledge alone is sufficient to excel in the field of art, it is always better if one can complement it with a degree. In India, one can get good education in art along with a degree from any of the following institutes.

  • National Institute of Design, Ahmadabad
  • M S University of Baroda, Gujarat
  • College of Art, Delhi
  • Sir J J School of Art, Mumbai

It remains a fact, though, that a good student will find a teacher and knowledge no matter where one is. That is, any institute can equally help a good student in realizing one's potential.

If any aspiring artist, for any reason cannot secure a seat in any of the chosen institutes of the country, then one can come to Delhi Collage of Art. We leave no stone unturned to help one achieve success in the field of art. Our results can be compared to that of any other institute of the country. This college has trained hundreds of students from as many as 19 different countries in the nuances of art and helped them begin their journey on the path of success.

Reasons to join DCA

  • An umbrella to more than 100 fine art institutes in India
  • If you do not have 4 years of time to learn art .
  • You do have 4 years but cannot spare 8 hours daily.
  • Flexible batches to suit homemakers, college-goers and other professionals.
  • Extensive syllabus and in-depth training to ensures maximum exposure in minimum time.
  • Strategically located branches to reach out to all major areas of NCR.
  • Qualifying 12th or securing minimum percentage not a criterion for admission.
  • Air-conditioned classrooms with latest technological assistance.
  • No upper age limit for joining.

History stands witness to the fact that great artists have outshined their contemporaries with their brilliant art, inspite of the lack of formal education to support their place in this world. Their brilliance in art has gifted the world some of the rarest of gems ever seen. Even today, in India we see that quite a few of such gifted artists lose sight of their future in the mundane intricacies of University and College rules. Their aspirations squashed before they have reached their destination.

Delhi Collage of Art (DCA) is an institute on a mission to help such innumerable unrecognized artists; refine and sharpen their skills to perfection. The institute seeks to provide extensive range of training in the least amount of time, with the use of the most modern techniques and facilities. In the past 14 years, thousands of students have passed through these doors to excel in varied streams of art and have made successful careers for themselves. The training at DCA not only provides you success as a painter but also helps you establish your career in the fields of Applied Art, Sculpture, 2D-3D Animation, Graphic & Web designing, Art Teaching & Photography.

A painting is a degree by itself and its intricate details, the mark sheet. An artist is judged as a master by studying these intricate details. Today we see a lot of artists who have achieved their success solely based on their talent and not by the scroll of degree they hold.


  • Highly qualified & Experienced Faculty
  • Library with World Book Encyclopedia
  • Out Door Trips for Sketching & Landscape
  • Interaction with Contemporary Artists
  • Air Conditioned Class Room
  • Advanced Infrastructure
  • Artistic Atmosphere
  • Regular Exhibition Visits
  • Updated Market Knowledge
  • Theory Notes
  • Lockers
  • Stationery
  • Domestic/International Tour
  • Mega Annual Art Exhibition

The guidance of a good teacher is worth more than 100 universities. Your success depends on that one correct decision you make today!

D.C.A. wishes you a bright future.

Ashwani Kumar Prithviwasi
(MD, Delhi Collage of Art)