You would certainly agree that he is a "lovable" personality. He believes in growing up together, learning together and succeeding together. Ashwani Kumar Prithviwasi has put great impact on the students in a way by teaching them, building their inner self and making them stand out in the crowd.


I am very pleased with DCA

At DCA we not only learnt different mediums but also a lot of psychological aspects that an Artist requires to do good work. We also were exposed to taking our Art and showcasing it, the business side of this profession etc. So in brief, it was a complete package with forward thinking and convenient atmosphere.

Sangeeta Mittal

I will strongly recommend all to join DCA.

DCA is very well devised & Nice way to communicate things through videos & live demos . Never ever felt any kind of boredom in this duration. The whole atmosphere is very friendly & I really enjoyed working while learning. All the teachers at DCA are extremely cooperative & very friendly.

Deepak Saini

Thanks DCA

My special thanks to Ashwani Sir and Sangeeta Ma’am. I can’t forget the magical word of lectures from of Ashwani Sir. I must say that DCA does not make only good artists but also makes good human being.

Sophia Jacob

My life is awesome now. DCA gave me the thing I wanted

As a child , I was constantly under the pressure of pursuing a field that lead to a well paying job and ended up ignoring my inherit desire of learning art. It was only after I discovered DCA that willingly accommodated a working professional like me, that I fulfilled this desire.

Sakshi Passan

Thanks DCA…

DCA join karke mera confidence kaafi badha....kyunki mujhe nahi lagta tha ki mai itna b kr paungi jo bhi maine seekha.. portraits,still life,live sketching...

Way of teaching bahut achha hai yahan pe ..kyuki hr ek chhoti c chhoti cheez pr dhyan dente hain use smjhate hain.. na ane pr bar bar btate hain..

Suman Palakshi

DCA is Awesome

DCA mai aane se pahle hum local centre se art’s shikte the.Mera confidence pehle se behtar hota ja raha hai. DCA mai ek suljhe hue aur tariko se training di jati hai. Jisme koi bhi confidence feel karke aage badh sakta hai. Teachers are co-operative and infrastructure is fabulous.

Madhu Gupta

Thanks DCA for polishing my talent..

One thing which is most appreciable about DCA fine art training is that they teach guide and train all age group students without any bias and treat very softly. I have learnt various techniques and polished my talent with DCA.


Dhanyawad DCA..

Mujhe Delhi Collage of Art se bahut kuch seekhne ko mila hai. Mujhe pehle kuch bhi nai ata tha, par yahan akar maine who seekha jiske bare mai mujhe kuch nai pata tha. Aur ab mera admission College of Art, Delhi me ho gaya hai. Aur kuch rupay sir ne meri fee ke lie mujhe diye hai. Jinko mai hamesha yad rakhuga.

Anil Kumar

Thanks DCA, Thanks Ashwani Sir ! Thanks Ashwani sir aapne mujhe Delhi Collage of Art mai art sikhne ka avsar diya aur aapki classes mili jisme Anil Kumar DCA Student |

Raman Chauhan

I appreciate all the support & training which DCA provided to get my admission for college of Arts.

With one year professional course, I have gained so much knowledge in arts that would always be helpful in my future. I would like to say a big thank you to our great to DCA staff for devoting their time to help us in clearing all doubts.


DCA Rocks !!!

DCA mere liye mere aim tak pahuchne ki sabse pahli sidhi rahi jahan mujhe vo sab seekhne ko mila jo kahin aur nahin milta. Ashwani sir kehte hai ki kaam ko kabhi bojh mat samjho aur kisi bhi lalach me aaker kaam na karke apne interest se dil lagakar kaam karo to tumhara kaam best hoga. Sir ki ye baat mai kabhi nahin bhulungi.

Samiksha Chopra

Thanks DCA; you are a true life-changer

I joined DCA like any normal school leaving student with immense curiosity and no clue how my life was to change. DCA gave me a platform to learn new mediums and techniques ,interact with a diverse group of people and has prepared me to compete in this professionally grown world. I am thankful to DCA

Swati Bhatia

Learning at DCA is Liberal, Flexible and Complete

With flexibility of attending class only on Sunday and learning art in structured yet not compromising on the quality. Dca is an excellent platform to learn and have ones passion for art. In these two years, I have been empowered with endless knowledge and tools. I thank

Leela Sharma ( Canada)

Home Maker In Canada
At DCA you get more than you have expected

I have found the atmosphere here homly. Art is tought step by step under the eyes of its popular Principal Sh. Ashwani Kr. Prithviwasi who is not only a fine teacher but an accomplished artist in his own right. I have picked up much more than I ever expected. Thanks D.C.A

Sushila Sexena

DCA is versatile…

"I am so happy that dca made a world of difference in my life". I had wanted to study oil painting for a long time… Better late than never, however, and now that I have found it, an environment that makes it so much easier to develop skills quickly .I hope to attend classes here for the rest of my life.

Anu Kharbanda

We are encouraged to use our imagination and hence our creativity is enhanced. Each of us is able to impress our individuality through our work.


I feel as moving towards being a kid a small child who doesn’t have to be following rules, we have to do what we feel to do.

Tushar kapoor

Graphics Designer
A temple of Learning… It is never ending with DAC

I joined DCA for 6 month basic course in line drawing and sketching. I ended up continuing for 2 years. The process of teaching here is to make the students feel under come & comfortable.

Neeti Aggarwal

A holistic way of teaching!

Increased confidence in creative imagination, improved ability to comprehend inherent forms. Better control on drawing, particularly figures.

Priyanka Sharma

Thanks DCA; my inner creativity has come out now.

Can empress more without copying as well as creative level has increased and improved by each passing class.

Bhupinder Sethi

Delhi Collage of Art - The name itself manifests…

The name collage itself suggests the kind of activities like mixture of various medium and techniques. The best thing of the institute is the method of teaching. The demonstrations given by Ashwani Sir are of great help and then each student is given personal attention.

Aanchal Jain

DCA; you are the best

My observation ability has improved, have started noticing things around me, which were earlier, unnoticed. Hence, the creative me is coming out.

Ekta Jain

It feels awesome.

Windows of the mind have started opening up. The hand flow has improved tremendously.

Poonam Rana

Truly, the best place to be

- In Delhi Collage of Art, there is a very peaceful environment where a person can do art peacefully and very much motivated by them.

Tulika Verma

Not only art, but also teaches how to be winners

DCA provides not only degree but it gives us an adequate knowledge and exposure on the present competitive world. Its aim is to prepare us to face the challenges of life rather than awaiting opportunity

Jasmeet Khurana (2nd Yr. Student)

Art Teacher in Mother International School
Joining Delhi Collage of Art was my best decision ever.

It all began with the desire to give went to my creative bent. As was on an outlook for an art collage which could be any working person’s dream institute providing classes, flexibility in timings etc. DCA came to my respite just in time.

Ameeta Verma

2nd Yr. Student
DCA has liberalized art education

DCA has no age her for students. People who have less time can join Sunday batch. Value for money the fee structure is not very high. Helps weak student become professional. Faculty is approachable Indian dual attention is given to student. Detailed study of art and different Mediums are taught here.

Mrs. Renu Gupta

Branch Manager
I love my job with DCA. It gives inner satisfaction.

"Team spirit, good humour, and an emphasis on work: this is what employees experience on a daily basis. DCA is a place where I love my work." The atmosphere is always warm and co-operative." I have been here for almost 5 years and can’t imagine working anywhere else.

Leela Sharma ( Canada)

Home Maker In Canada
I have found the atmosphere here homly. The approach is flexible and personalised so as to suit individual needs. Art is tought step by step under the eyes of its popular Principal Sh. Ashwani Kr. Prithviwasi who is not only a fine teacher but an accomplished artist in his own right. I have picked up much more than I ever expected. Thanks D.C.A.

Gunjan Verma

As a teacher, you're number one!

I enjoy each lesson you teach. As my role model you inspire me To dream and to work and to reach. With your kindness you get my attention; Every day you are planting a seed Of curiosity and motivation. I'm thankful for all that you've done. I just want to say, As a teacher, you're number one!

Ramish Rizvi

I am amazed!! U guys are all-in-one.

After looking at ur profile, it seems that u r standing neck deep in all kind of arts, probably the reason why u r keeping ur head out is just to keep observing more n more to help fill ur world with more n more specimens of art n artist.True artist u seem to be.

Mrs. Amita Karan

Faculty in D.C.A.
Delhi Collage of Art is a temple of FINE ART